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PSAT for 8-2-11: Take the Matt Damon test

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

Are you as well-informed about education issues as Matt Damon?

Check out his interview with Gotham Schools here and his SOS March speech here.

Did you know all that? Why is he so smart about school issues? Well, apparently he’s actually really smart. Also, he has a smart mom who is a professor of early childhood education and hangs around with Diane Ravitch.

But all of us can get smart, and we have started hanging around with Diane R., too, at least virtually, by reading her blogs and tweets, right? And we can share them with our friends and family the way Matt’s mom shares news and information with Matt, right?

So, let’s do it. For Public Schools Action Tuesday (PSAT) this week, take the Matt Damon test and find out if you are as smart about education as a Hollywood movie star. Then share the test with your friends and family. Let’s all be as smart as Matt.

The sun shone and the stars came out for the SOS march

Saturday, July 30th, 2011

SOS March in DC July 30, 2011

After two days of movement-building speeches, workshops, and networking, the SOS march ended with a sun- and passion-drenched rally and march in the middle of Washington DC.

It felt like a huge family reunion. Our brand new Parents Across America group was well-represented. It was so much fun to meet up with Chicago Teachers Union members and to see our PAA members meeting up with their friends from home.

You know who

We even had star power – Pedro Noguera, Deb Meier, Angela Valenzuela, Diane Ravitch and, yes, Matt Damon, whose mother, Nancy Carlson Page, a professor of early childhood education, introduced him.

Matt actually gave a fantastic, personal and heartfelt speech. He asserted that creativity, imagination, love of drama  and theater Рthe things that made him who he is Рcannot be tested. He said that he came close to standardized tests once, until his mother went to the principal and told him that Matt would not be taking the test, which she described as stupid, a waste of time, and not useful.

Here’s a short clip of his wind-up.

There will be more stories and photos in the coming days, but for now we are heading home happy.

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