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PSAT for 10-9-12: Write a letter to President Obama

Tuesday, October 9th, 2012

For Public Schools Action Tuesday today, I am passing along a request from Diane Ravitch who is working with teacher blogger Anthony Cody on what they are calling the Campaign for our Schools:

Please write your thoughts about what needs to change in federal education policy and send a letter to President Obama by that date.

You can write it now and follow instructions here.

Anthony Cody, experienced middle school science teacher and fabulous blogger, has offered to coordinate our campaign to write President Obama on October 17.

We call it the Campaign for Our Public Schools.

Our campaign is meant to include everyone who cares about public education: students, parents, teachers, principals, school board members, and concerned citizens. We want everyone to write the President and tell him what needs to change in his education policies.

Tell your friends about the Campaign. If you have a blog, write about it. Wherever you are, spread the news. Join us.

Here are the instructions:

1. Send your letter directly to the White House and/or copy and paste a copy at  .

All letters will be compiled into a single document, which will be sent to the White House on Oct. 18.

You can mail copies of your letters through US mail to The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, 20500

You can send them by email from this page:

If you choose to write or email the White House, please send us a copy so we can keep track of how many letters were sent to the President.

One more thought: when you write to the President, also write to your Senators and Congressman or -woman and to your state legislator and Governor. Send the same letter to them all.

Let’s raise our voices NOW against privatization, against high-stakes testing, against teacher bashing, against profiteering.

Let’s advocate for policies that are good for students, that truly improve education, that respect the education profession, and that strengthen our democratic system of public education.

Let’s act. Start here. Start now.

Join our campaign. Speak out. Enough is enough.


PSAT SOTU edition: Here’s how to join in

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012


Watch the State of the Union Live Tonight

Tonight at 9 pm EST, President Obama will give his annual State of the Union address, with education being a likely topic of discussion during the speech. You can watch an enhanced version of the speech with graphics and data at, and join the conversation on Twitter during the speech by using the hashtag #sotu.

Following the speech, a panel of senior advisors, including Secretary Duncan, will answer your questions. Ask your questions on Twitter using the hashtag #WHchat and on the White House’s Facebook page.

On Wednesday, ED will post a summary of the education portions of the State of the Union on our Homeroom blog. Click here to sign up for email updates from ED’s Homeroom.

On Friday at 12 pm EST, Roberto Rodriguez, Special Assistant to the President for Education Policy, will hold Twitter office hours to answer your State of the Union questions. Ask your question using #WHChat on Twitter and follow the chat through the White House’s @WHLive Twitter account.


Here’s the question I posted to the Facebook page:

Your educational policies are, unfortunately, contrary to what most educators and parents support. It seems to many of us that these policies are designed to empower private school management companies, not school communities. Will you pledge to be a more careful listener to what people in the schools are saying to you and Secretary Arne Duncan? We believe that our children’s futures and the future of public education are too important to leave up to wealthy philanthropists and investors in education management companies. Thanks!

Teacher Anthony Cody has some great suggestions for questions on his blog. Here’s one:

As we go further down the road of expansion of charter schools, supported by Race to the Top and other federal policies, researchers are finding that these schools are intensifying the degree of economic and racial segregation. Does the administration plan to continue to support the expansion of charter schools?


PSAT for 3-29-11: Sign PAA petition on education budget cuts

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

For Public Schools Action Tuesday today, please sign, share, Facebook and Twitter the Parents Across America petition urging President Obama and Congress not to slash education funding by as much as $11 billion (as the House is proposing), to eliminate competitive grant programs like Race to the Top, and to fully fund essential programs like special education Head Start and Title 1. will automatically send a message on your behalf to your Senators and Congressman.


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