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Testing resistance: What LSCs can do

Saturday, May 4th, 2013


What Local School Councils can do to challenge

the misuse and overuse of standardized tests

Learn more about standardized testing.

  • Check out the More Than a Score web site for resources to share with your school’s parents, teachers and community. Share the MTAS fact sheets, “What Parents Need to Know about High-Stakes Testing,” in English and Spanish.
  • Download user-friendly fact sheets about a wide range of testing issues on the FairTest web site, on the testing resources page of PURE’s site, and from CReATE, a collaboration of local university researchers.

Hold a parent and/or community meeting where people can talk about testing. Ask teachers, education experts, More Than a Score or other group representatives to speak, and invite your local newspaper (see FairTest’s media toolkit for pointers)

Vote to sign the National Resolution on High-stakes Testing, and/or vote on your own resolution. Join the more than 80% of school boards in Texas and dozens in Florida and other states that have passed resolutions challenging high-stakes standardized testing, along with 11,000 individuals and 400 national organizations. Sign on to the National Resolution here: and/or vote on your own resolution (suggested versions here, a shorter one here and an even shorter one here).

Send or bring a copy of your adopted testing resolution to your local, state and federal legislators.

Pass the More Than a Score petition in English and/or Spanish in your school. Your can also sign our online petition here. 

The petition asks CPS to:

  • Eliminate standardized testing in grades K-2nd grade and greatly reduce it in all other grades.
  • End the use of standardized testing data to evaluate students and teachers and close schools.
  • Fully disclose the cost, schedule, nature and purpose of all standardized tests.

Get more involved with More Than a Score:

Consider carefully any budget expenditures for test preparation materials and programs. Your school’s discretionary funds are precious and might be better used for enrichment programs and other areas of learning which may have been reduced due to the pressures of standardized testing.

See more at

You can download a pdf version of this LSC tip sheet here.

Testing resistance resources

Thursday, November 15th, 2012

Parents – Here’s how to resist the attack of too much testing!

Thursday, November 15th, 2012

Alderman Matthew O'Shea introduces Monty Neill at St. Xavier forum November 2, 2012.

Parents in Chicago and around the nation are sick of all the tests that our children face in school these days. Teachers are fed up, too. They tell us that there are so many tests now that they just don’t have enough time to teach.

Anti-testing fever heated up even more during the CTU strike, when the issue of excessive and unfair testing and test-based “accountability” was forcefully and effectively raised by marchers and their picket signs. Now parents all over the city have been getting together to talk about the problem and make plans for what we can do together to fight this growing attack on our children’s education.

I spoke at a meeting with parents from Drummond Montessori school about testing on October 4. On Nov. 2, FairTest’s  Monty Neill was in town at the invitation of St Xavier University and 19th Ward Parents for another forum. In the afternoon before the forum Monty and I met with CTU officials and later a good-sized group of people from various organizations around the city to begin to coordinate a citywide strategy for resisting the onslaught of tests. Raise Your Hand is planning another testing forum on November 29. (Don’t miss this excellent essay on the problems with testing by RYH’s Wendy Kattan.)

I’ll share notes from those meetings in a later post. For now, here are some of the resources that Monty and I distributed at these meetings. Feel free to print and share or share electronically.

Citywide testing resistance strategy session Nov 2

Sunday, October 14th, 2012

When FairTest’s Monty Neill comes to town on Friday, Nov 2, for a public forum on testing issues at 7 pm at St Xavier University, he has also agreed to help lead an afternoon citywide strategy session on anti-testing resistance – how we can work across groups, unite behind some common messages, share resources and otherwise build a strong testing resistance in Chicago.

The session will be from 2 to 4 pm on Friday Nov 2nd at the CTU office, 4th floor in the Merchandise Mart.

We realize that this timing will make it difficult or impossible for teachers to attend, but Monty will be meeting separately with the CTU as well. We are hoping that leaders and organizers for parents, education advocacy and community groups and others who would like to become more active around and learn more about testing issues will attend.

We are very fortunate to have the opportunity to meet and brainstorm with leader of the the nation’s anti-testing movement. (The qr code above will take you to the National Resolution on High-Stakes Testing, which Monty spearheaded, with input from PURE, Parents Across America, and others and which you and your group should endorse if you haven’t already!).

Please let me know if you intend to attend or if you have questions:


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