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Join CTU Veterans Day Rally at 11 am to protect public education

Monday, November 12th, 2012

It’s a day to honor our veterans, who fought for all of our rights, including our right to a free, appropriate education.

That right is increasingly under attack. Ultra-conservative Grover Nordquist just said that he’s not worried about the national election because his party added new governors: “Our strength is state by state,” Norquist said, adding that it is there that Republicans would enact the policies — ending teacher tenure, reining in public employee pensions, promoting school choice — that would invigorate the national party from the bottom up.”

That’s it, folks – now that the “traditional white male” nation is officially a thing of the past, the new Republican game plan is to destroy this more colorful US at the roots by killing off public education.

Join the Chicago Teachers Union at a rally to protect our schools from private takeover and destructive closure.

11 am to noon  today (Monday 11-12-12)

Cityfront Plaza

Illinois & St. Clair

Details here.


The low-down on think tanks

Monday, August 29th, 2011

Research or propaganda??

Here’s a great primer on pro-privatization think tanks and their inter-connectedness,

Here’s how it starts out:

“Think tanks are organizations that produce propaganda posing as legitimate research for the benefit of their funders – generally, corporations and billionaires. Some of them were founded decades ago by pro-corporate leaders in partnership with millionaires and corporations. They were created for a specific purpose, such as to battle the “communist menace” after World War II or to help out the tobacco industry. Other think tanks have been founded more recently, by people such as the Koch Brothers.”

Read the rest here


July is heating up!

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

In addition to the national SOS march to support public education, there will be a national conference here in Chicago sponsored by CORE to share best practices in fighting back against the privatizers and union busters.

“Speak, learn and share with educators on the front lines in New York, LA, Chicago, Wisconsin, Oakland, Ohio, Indiana and beyond. Plan and organize to promote our vision of an equitable and just education system, for unions that fight for and with our communities, and help build a national grassroots strategy to defend public schools.”

When: July 6th,  9am to 5pm

Where : Chicago, IL. Teamster City

Spread the word!

Protest charters at CPS Wednesday

Monday, January 24th, 2011

Support our schools!

Private school managers at Noble Street, UNO, CICS, etc. have been spending lots of money recently to make it seem as though charters are popular in the community. They packed several community “hearings” held to take public input into renewing and expanding their charter networks, recognizing that it would be a good investment in keeping and expanding their school contracts.

But that doesn’t mean that CPS should take away your school and give it to Noble, UNO or CICS, too.

Interim CEO Terry Mazany took all charter decisions off the table at the December Board meeting – they are back on at the meeting this Wednesday, Jan. 26.

The CTU will provide buses for any school or group that can fill them – read more here about what to do this Wednesday to support our open enrollment neighborhood schools:

From the CTU via Teachers for Social Justice:

The upcoming Board of Education meeting, on Wed. January 26, at CPS Board Headquarters, promises to showcase the battle between the forces of privatization of Chicago’s schools (charter operators such as UNO, CICS, Noble Street, etc.) and the community-based organizations that are demanding increased resources for underfunded neighborhood schools.

The Board will likely be voting on proposals to establish 6 new charter schools, expand grade offerings at 2 charter schools, convert a contract school to a charter, and increase enrollment at 4 charters.  Charter operators are offering incentives to their students and families to show up in force at this Board meeting.  We expect they will bring hundreds of pro-privatization, pro-charter demonstrators.

Many of you are working with school communities, parents, teachers and students.  It is vitally important that those diverse and eloquent community voices are heard at this Board meeting.  Chicago Teachers Union is organizing a press conference to bring out the neighborhood voices which want strong, public, accessible community-based schools.  We encourage all of our community partners to bring speakers to testify at the Board hearing to show the progress being made through the partnerships that exist, and to speak on how privatization threatens our school communities.

If your organization can bring a busload of persons to the Board meeting, CTU can provide the bus.  The Board meeting will begin at 10:30 am.  Sign-up to speak starting at 6 am.  Press Conference at 9:30 am.

Please contact me if you are able to organize your members, activists and leaders to attend this meeting, testify to the Board and support neighborhood schools’ right to increased resources.  This is an important moment in the ongoing battle inside our schools.  Your help is needed.

Norine Gutekanst
Organizing Department Coordinator
Chicago Teachers Union
312-329-6226 (ofc)
708-466-5381 (cell)

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