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Great Washington Post story on SOS March

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

Teachers and parents together – powerful stuff!

Valerie Strauss offers comments on her blog today from teacher and SOS march initiator Anthony Cody and Parents Across America co-founder Rita Solnet on the need for an alliance between teachers and parents to stop the twin scourges of high-stakes testing and privatization that is destroying public education in the US.

If you haven’t joined up with the SOS March, do it today!


PSAT for 2-22-11: Oh, where to start?

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

From Buzz Feed's 100 Best Protest Signs at the Wisconsin Capital

Supporters of public schools are on the move! Here are some ways you can participate for Public Schools Action Tuesday (PSAT):

1. Of course, VOTE in the Chicago Mayoral Election. While PURE can’t endorse candidates, we can suggest that you review their education positions as detailed, for example, here on the Teachers for Social Justice web site regarding issues such as elected schools board, support for neighborhood schools, etc.

2.Make a donation to support the Wisconsin teachers’ activities in Madison here. Sign the CTU support petition here (you have to state which union you belong to -?- so I said Chicago Parents’ Union). Like the Wisconsin Resists page on Facebook.

3. Plan to attend the Chicago Board of Education meeting tomorrow to support Penn and J. N. Thorpe schools which are being forced to share more and more of their own buildings and resources with charter schools.

4. Register to see Diane Ravitch here in Chicago on March 12, an event sponsored by the Chicago Teachers’ Union. Details here. PURE will pay for 1 $15.00 ticket each for the first 5 people who contact us here (put “Diane Ravitch ticket” in the e-mail subject box).

5. Get ready for a busy spring! Here’s some of what the Committee to Defend Public Education has planned (Like their Facebook page, too): “March 2011 will be a month of escalating actions, beginning¬†on March 1st (setting your Facebook status to highlight the March activities) and March 2 with a national day of action, called for by activists in¬†California.”

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