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Known knowns Chicago style

Friday, February 11th, 2011

Seal of the City of Chicago

I thought this quote from Donald Rumsfeld’s autobiography, “Known and Unknown,” as quoted in the Sun-Times a couple of days ago (though I can’t find it online), was remarkably forthright:

Rumsfeld thought Karzai should consider dealing with troublesome warlords the way the current mayor’s father, Mayor Richard J. Daley, handled the City Council. “In parts of Chicago where officials threatened the mayor’s authority, potholes were left untended and other services were neglected, the Winnetka native writes. “In areas where local officials cooperated with the mayor, Daley brought the services of city government to bear and was generous in his patronage. My point was that instead of giving Karzai the freedom to throw around the weight of the US military, he should learn to use patronage…to get the local Afghan warlords, governors, and cabinet officials in line.” Rumsfeld said he ran the idea by President George W. Bush, who agreed.

A proud tradition

The previous day, the Sun-Times published this quote from mayoral candidate Rahm Emanuel, in a story about his qualifications for the invstment banker job which netted him $18.5 million in the 2 1/2 years after he left the Clinton administration:

There is, in that culture, two types of bankers: a person who knows the numbers, industry specifics; and a person who kind of also deals with relationships. I was what was considered, at that time, although I don’t think this is really interesting, relationship banking, and that’s what I did.

He’s even got the syntax and articulation of a Chicago mayor down just right.

Emanuel is closing in on a winning margin of 50% in the upcoming mayoral race. Chicagoans have other options, but apparently very close to half of us aren’t planning to exercise them.

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